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About us

Working with creative minds

Qartago is a growing no-nonsense consulting company. We strive to serve our clients with hands-on experience in Business Development and Marketing and we only aim for affirmative results.

Qartago was founded with the intention to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in creating a new base for growth opportunites and broaden their scope of success.

Our current list of customers includes IT Companies, Trade Companies, Ho.Re.Ca Organizations, Recruitment Companies, Investment Companies as well as Non-Profit Organizations.

our approach

Ever growing with Qartago

Our business approach is distinctive and relies on humanoid factor. We work closely with decision makers and we discuss all possible ideas, scenarios and outcomes. Our vision is not narrow, we act as a strategic partner and we work on each project as if it is ours. Therefore, our comitment is astronomical.

We help companies from different countries and investors from different nationalities in Europe (including the Netherlands), North Africa and Middle East.

Our Services

We are a team of highly motivated young professionals who are striving to share successful ideas and successful methods with entrepreneurs like us. We have expertise in the field of consulting and we can assist our clients with

  • Business Development and Marketing

    • Action Plan Formulation
    • Target Group Identification
    • Processes Improvement
    • Sales Plan Development
    • Marketing Plan Development
  • Research and Business Intelligence

    • Market Research
    • Market Planning
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Go-to-Market Opportunities
    • Export Development
  • Sales Channel Development

    • Market Mapping
    • Market Entry Strategy
    • Channel Partner Search
    • Company Profiling
    • Access dataPact eLearning Library
  • Strategy

    • Corporate Strategy and Identity
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Product & Service Strategy
    • Implementation Strategy
    • Social Media Strategy
  • Coaching

    If you feel you are stuck with a business idea or a concept and you cannot move forward, we can have a chat session or plan a meeting and talk about your project and propose possible solutions and approaches to make you move forward.
  • Bussiness PLan

    • Idea formulation
    • Company Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Strategic plan
    • Financial plan
    • Fundraising

We are an extension of your business and we will strategize to maximize your success

statement of the CEO

“We have a strong vision and we have a creative approach to manifest business opportunities and success stories…we assist StartUps, SMEs and Corporate clients with creating and improving their businesses and revenue streams…We have a respected network of partners and collaborators worldwide and we are willing to use all of our resources to assist our clients achieve short and long-term objectives”

Souhaib Aouini

Nothing is impossible for us. Identify your vision and grow your business with Qartago. As an entrepreneur we will upgrade your skill set and your business perspective. We do our best to assist our clients and partners achieve new milestones.

Success starts with Inspiration

We help you unlock your real potential and we will walk you through the key concepts of success and bulding a sustainable growing business.

The process

we have a systematic approach that we follow to create the best solution for your business

1. First Important STEP
Research and Evaluation
2. Second Phase
Design and Creation
3. Final Action
Engage and Optimization



€ 640

Per day

Full day Presence

Chat/Telephone support

One-on-One session


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Per week



One-on-One Sessions


Request a free Quote

Per month


Permanent availability


Some of our Services are Backed Up by State-of-the-art Technology(dataPACT)

dataPACT is a web-App application that was developed by Qupact International, an internationally recognised company in Sales Channel Development. The application enables managers to develop their Market Mapping and Sales Channel strategy following a methodical approach that is scientifically and practically approved. dataPACT was first developed in 2009 and since then, the program has been taught to hundreds of senior executives and sales people who have applied it in their daily businesses.

The App itself is available to use, free-of-charge, but if you want us to do the market research there is a fee of €1,295/market. For this fee, you will receive

  • Profiles of the most suitable partners within the market of choice.
  • A competitive product analysis between your products and those of competitors.
  • Profiles of competitors and complementary suppliers in that specific market.
  • The channels your competitors are using to reach end-customers.
  • Full e-Learning access.

The search is completely customized for each company depending on its needs and its field of activity.

Our Clients & Partners


52, Jonkerbosplein,
NL-6534AB, Nijmegen,
The Netherlands

T +31 61 504 3424
E info@qartago.com

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